Real-Time Surface Inspection

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Real-Time Surface Inspection
Real-Time Surface Inspection
  • Title: Real-Time Surface Inspection
  • Category: Manufacturing
  • Description: Transition from quality control to quality assurance

Real-Time Surface Inspection

General Idea

Transition from quality control to quality assurance.

  • Identifying defective products in a production line is a labour-intensive and costly process.
  • Estimate of quality-related costs as high as 15%-20% of sales revenue.
  • The European Commission estimated that in some industries 50% of production can be scrapped due to defects.
  • Even a small variation in production processes or materials can make the entire production run defective.
  • This system is designed to catch and resolve product, packaging, or surface defects in real time with automated defect inspection systems, on high-speed production lines via:
    • Reliable detection of surface features
    • Predict probability of defect formation
    • Optimization of product quality through continuous feedback/adaptation measures (AI)

Type of detectable features

Defects on different types of surfaces: steel, stone, textile, wood and ceramic tiles

  • Line width violations
  • Spacing violation
  • Excess copper
  • Missing pad
  • Short circuits
  • Cuts
  • Hole breakage
  • Wrong mounting components identified