About Us

About Us

We are a team of engineers and product managers united by a common vision: to deliver meaningful, data-driven solutions to our clients. Our core competency is the design and provision of machine vision solutions to innovators across a diverse range of markets.

Our solutions are AI platforms that monitor the environment to optimize process workflows via machine learning. Our AI platforms can examine processes or locations, actuate machinery, and perform decision-making practices that keep operations running smoothly.

We work together with each of our clients to follow specialized approaches that suit their unique requirements. By combining the best of modern computing and technology, we help our customers increase productivity and reduce cost and time through automation, and enable a safer working environment.

Leadership team

Kate Withers Hess, PhD

Business and Development Strategist

Randy Hendriks

Strategic Advisor

Ahmad Mokhtari

Business Advisor

Mary Gallerneault

Scientific Advisor

Azadeh Joshani, MSc, PMP

Scientific Advisor